Benefit Cosmetics Hello Happy Soft Blur Foundation Wear and Review

Benefit Cosmetics Hello Happy Soft Blur Foundation Wear and Review

Hello! And welcome to my newest product review!

When I first heard that Benefit was coming out with a new foundation, my ears perked up. Now their They’re Real mascara’s is one of my holy grail products, and they make great brow, blush, highlight and bronzers, so I was eager to see what they would do with a foundation.

The foundation is currently available online at Ulta, and Sephora, and will be in stores on June 29th (at Ulta at least I know for sure). It retails for $29 U.S.D. for 1 fluid ounce, which is usual for a foundation.

The Benefit website claims this is a lightweight foundation, that evens out skintone, blurs imperfections with “soft-focus optical blurring spheres”, with a natural matte finish and provides light to medium coverage. The foundation has an SPF of 15 and comes in 12 shades ranging from fair – dark with differing undertones in cool, warm, and neutral.

But you can find all that on the website, you’re here because you want to know how it wears, so lets get into it.

For the record I am 34 with dry skin, hyper-pigmentation, and light with warm undertones. I bought Shade 3 – light neutral.

I received this foundation on Thursday, June 14th, and wore it all weekend with varying primers so I could see what worked better for me and what did/didn’t work with the foundation itself.

When opening the box that the foundation comes in, it tells you to shake the foundation, and you can hear a little weight in the bottle to help with the mixing. When I opened it after shaking, a good portion of foundation came oozing out of the top, like at least a full face worth of product, but that was the only time it happened to me, so if you get this, keep that in mind.

I did a color test on my wrist and side of my jaw line and it is not a great color match for me. It does look a little better once blended in, but it still has a more orange tone to it than I would care for.


On day one I used my usual 3 primers that I know work for me the best. The Smashbox Photo Finish Primer Water, then I use the Tarte Timeless Smoothing primer over my pores and around my nose, and then the Too Faced Hangover Replenishing Face primer around the outside of my face, chin and forehead (excessive I know, but it works for me).

The first day I used it I applied it with a damp beauty sponge. It blended out wonderfully, did not cling or drag on any dry spots of skin, did not enhance any texture, and sits very well on the skin, it looks seamless. It does feel weightless, and the coverage is initially light but can be built up to a light medium but not much more than that. It did not cover all of my dark spots or blemishes but it didn’t enhance them either, so that’s a win. I find that it dries down quickly, to me, and dried to what feels like a powdery, matte, finish. *I have heard other people who have oily skin review it and say that they had more of a dewy finish, so your particular final finish may depend upon your skin type, because I looked like I had already powdered my face, when I had not*

I did, however use a very small amount of setting powder just to see how it would go with an already dry, matte foundation. While I did feel a little over dry, my skin did not look dry. I finished up with a bronzer and blush, and just a simple neutral eye look. I wore it for about 7 hours that day. I did look very dry by the end of the day, but it had not worn off at all. Overall I was happy with the wear of it.

First day 

The second day I used a flat top kabuki foundation brush to apply it, which also worked well. I also used a different primer that was new to me. It is a much more silicone-y primer than I care to use, but it was brand new and I wanted to try it. I also did not set the foundation this with any setting powder, since it does dry down very well, I wanted to see how it would do on its own. I applied my makeup around 5 pm that day, and was going out to have dinner with my husbands family. I got home around 9 pm and went to remove my makeup close to 10. At this point it was pretty much nonexistent. You could easily see where the foundation is gone and skin is showing through.

  Day 2, 5 hour wear 

The third day I went back to my usual 3 primer step but did not set the foundation with powder. Convinced it was the new primer that made the wear so bad, as those types of primers do not work on me. I applied my makeup around 4 pm and went to remove it at 10:30 pm. Once again it had worn off quite a lot in my t-zone area, but this time it held on to the outside of my face, where there is less oil production.

 Day 3, 6 1/2 hour wear

*Can we have a moment of appreciation however for the highlighter that wore on my cheek throughout both 2nd and 3rd day trials and was still going strong!*

To Benefit’s credit the words ‘long lasting, or X hour wear’ do not appear in any claims. Their claims are that it evens skin tone, wears light, gives a light to medium coverage and gives a natural finish. I completely agree with this. If you are looking for something light, to put on quickly that needs little to no fuss, that you won’t be wearing all day, then I recommend this. If you prefer more full coverage, long lasting foundation, then this isn’t for you.

The number of shades does leave something to be desired, but it looks to me like they did try to make the shades as varied as possible. This is a good thing but I also think you will have many people, myself included, that will be in between shades. I also think this may work best for people of normal, combo and slightly dry skin, I think that if it wore off of me like it did that anyone with really oily skin will start to see it breaking up even sooner. Once they’re actually in store I do plan on going and checking to see if shade #2 matches me better, but otherwise I am overall happy with the product.

Do you have plans to try this out? Have you tried it out already? Leave me a comment below and let me know your thoughts on it. And if you enjoyed this post make sure to like it and subscribe, and follow me on social media so you don’t miss out on anything!


See ya’ later!


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