Organize with Me! Kitchen: Part 2

Organize with Me! Kitchen: Part 2

Welcome to the second part of my organization series! This current series is all about the kitchen, but as the series goes on we’ll tackle other rooms as well. I hope that part one was helpful to you, and if you didn’t see it, I’ll link it here for you, Organize with Me! Kitchen: Part 1.

I’ll make sure to add before and after pictures, the products that I used and where I found them at. None of these were wildly expensive and I found that I was able to tackle more than one area with a few of them. Last month we worked on my standing pantry and I am pleased to say it still looks more or less the same since I organized it and made good use of negative space, because what’s the point of doing this if it does not offer a constant source of organization. Also for a point of reference I do live in a mobile home, so the option of adding built in shelving, or attaching extra shelving to a wall is not always feasible for me, as I have discovered this the hard way. So the items that I use have to be able to work within the amount of space that I have, without being able to alter my cabinets. This month I tackled my cabinets and utensil drawer, as you will see, so lets get into it.

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Call it what you want, Tupperware, plastic containers, butter tubs, its a pain in the butt most days to keep in all from caving in on itself. And where the hell is that lid?! Not only do I have a fair amount of plastic ware but it also has to live in harmony with other items, such as my rice cooker, salad spinner, and various glassware that I have such as pie dishes, serving bowls and ramekins. So finding a way to organize all of this under one cabinet was pretty stressful and I almost quit the whole damn series because I couldn’t find anything to work in the space that I had and the way that it worked, but then, the choir sang……

Here is a before picture

Yeaaaa, I don’t even know whats going on in there. And its not like I didn’t at least once a month take everything out reorganize it, but it always ended up like this in the end.

And here is the after


Isn’t that so much nicer. While there are still some things under the bottom shelf that would require a litter finagling to get out, they’re not things I used daily, or even monthly really, so that doesn’t bother me. I have almost all my plastic with lids at the very top. I have my rice cooker, salad spinner, and colander on one shelf within easy reach because I use them weekly. Under them are some pie plates and casserole dishes that I don’t use very often. On the shelf to the right I have some glass serving bowls nestled in each other, along with my various ramekin dishes and some odds and end. I used three different shelves for this, and that was all.

The top shelf is an extendable shelf that I purchased from Walmart

The shelf on the left was left over from the 6 piece organization set I used for my pantry, that I did not have a place for.

The double shelf on the right I purchased from Amazon.

After that I moved on to my next cabinet, where I keep all of my pots, pans and the rest of my baking dishes. I have to apologoze that I do not have a before photo of this particular cabinet and I’ll explain why. But first, the after pic.

Ok, so the reason I do not have a before photo… You see all of that glass to the right of the picture? The 6 different sized, shape and length of casserole and baking dishes I have? Imagine all of this but just staked on top of each other very precariously, and every single time I needed one of them it was a glass and ceramic Jenga game. Usually ending in loud clanking, almost breaking, and lots of cursing. I was so happy that this worked out so well, and on the first try, I wasn’t putting it back. So, sorry. I also added an over the door holder in this cabinet to hold my cutting boards and any lids from my pots and pans that didn’t sit well anywhere else. My pots and pans are still stack on each other, honestly, they’re probably going to stay that way because it doesn’t bother me, but reserve the right to change my mind in the future.

I got both the triple shelf and the over the door hanger from Amazon

The next cabinet wasn’t really being used for much, because of what was in it. I keep my coffee, coffee filters and sugar in this cabinet above my coffee pot. I stuck one of the small shelves from the previous 6 piece organizing set in there to give me room under and to the side of these. Not a vast change, but added some extra room for random things I might need to put in there. (Above them I keep my tea glasses and pitcher but that works well in that area so I left it alone.)

The cabinet next to that holds all my dishware on the bottom and plastic drinking cups, novelty coffee cups that we hardly use, and other random drink ware that we don’t use on a daily basis.

Nice, isn’t it? Aesthetically pleasing. The bowls, that aren’t in this picture for some reason, I dunno, usually sat next to the plates, making it a very tight fit. I used one corner shelf for this bottom cabinet and it made all the difference.

With this shelf I can separate my salad plates, from the larger plates, have room to keep the plastic dishes for my two year old separate from the glass and now the bowls fit nicely on the side without being cramped. I also used one of these shelves in Part One in my standing pantry, it was purchased from Walmart.

The next cabinet was a cabinet/drawer combo. This cabinet holds our usual drinking glasses, as well as some of my toddlers plastic dishes on the bottom. The top however was taken over by accessories that I have for my Kitchen Aid mixer that I don’t use too often. The drawer problem was that my measuring spoons and cups were placed in the same drawer as my silverware, making it a little cramped.

I relocated most of my mixer items to another small cabinet over my stove that I had recently de-cluttered, so I had extra room that I previously did not have when I put these items up there. However I didn’t want to put my mixer paddle and beater in that cabinet, as I use them frequently and want them within easy reach. So I hung up a key holder in this cabinet and hung up my measuring cups, spoons, and one of my mixer paddles.

For the other two mixers I used two clear Command damage-free hanging hooks, and stuck them in the top portion of the cabinet. That keeps them from competing with floor room with other items, or stuck in a drawer due to their awkward size and shape, and within easy reach. I highly recommend these hooks and I use them all over my home for various decor and holiday use.

This freed up space in my utensil draw, as well as gave me more room in that top cabinet to bring in drink ware items from the cabinet above the plates and dinnerware.

And that is it for this 2nd installment. I hope you gleamed some new ideas, products, or just some inspiration to help with your kitchen organization nightmare. Next month we’ll tackle under the sink and cleaning supplies, probably the worst area of my kitchen.

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